Stuart Rae Challenge

Stuart Rae on the Cioch, Isle of Skye 1966 (pic by Colin Beechey)

This exciting District Challenge commemorates the life, personality and achievements of Captain Stuart Rae, a former King Alfred Scout who always sought adventure and personal challenge.

He went on lots of expeditions in jungles and deserts and on mountains in many parts of the world during his career in the Royal Marines. At the age of 24, Stuart was killed in action whilst serving in the Arabian Desert in 1971.


The challenge is organised to provide an opportunity for Scouts in the King Alfred District to find the special enjoyment that is to found in outdoor ADVENTURE and the FUN that comes with that.

To meet the requirements of the ‘Challenge’ each Challenger must demonstrate perseverance, team work, high standards in navigation, hillwalking, camp-craft and relevant Scouting skills.

Successful challengers will have demonstrated they are able, by their own efforts, to undertake a difficult objective and working over an extended time scale to achieve a defined high standard.

Challengers will be expected to be self-reliant, but be able and willing to play a full and constructive part in a team with a common objective.

Qualifications, Badges and Skills

You’ll need to be aged between 14 and have not reached your 16th birthday by the time of the Expedition.

During the year you’ll need to take part in the Cyclo Moot, train for – and achieve – a number of badge qualifications. Here they are in outline:
Have passed or met the requirements of the CSA Gold or Platinum Award, D of E Bronze Award or SRC Challenge Explorer Award;

Achieve/meet the requirements of the Scout Hikers (amended) badge;

During this year, gain 2 Scout Badges from Camp Services, Canoeist, Camper, Caver, Cyclist, Climber, Emergency Aid (Stage 3), Lifesaver, Fire Safety, Meteorologist, Navigator, Survival Skills, Nautical Skills, Orienteer or any Instructor badge. Or Explorer Mountain Activities A (Hillwalker), B (Climber), C (Navigation) or D (Caving), Emergency Aid, Lifesaver, Science & Technology A (Meteorology), Water Activities (Canoeing);

You will need to show your competence by taking a written Navigation test and an oral Safety on the Mountains test.
By the Final briefing, you should demonstrate your knowledge and experience and, importantly, show your log book recording details of all the hikes you have undertaken (including those already made).

Then, importantly, you will show the Committee that you have the correct personal kit and access to appropriate camping, cooking and navigation equipment ready for a 2-day hike with an overnight camp in the Welsh hills in October!

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Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls